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What is food? Why is it important? and healthy vs unhealthy foods

healthy vs unhealthy foodsFood is a basic necessity for man and any other living thing. Food is what gives our bodies the energy to power our systems such as the respiratory system, the circulatory system, the nervous system, and the digestive system. Our bodies also need energy to move our limbs, to turn or nod our head, to bat our eyes, to talk, chew, to walk and do everything else that includes some movement.

Apart from the basic energy needs of the body including locomotion, we also need energy to work. Work could be in terms of mental work where we have to use our brains which in turn use energy; or where we have to use our limbs and body to work, e.g. in manual work. We also need energy to travel from one place to another and even work that involves talking.

Without food therefore, we cannot be able to get the energy we need to perform all these functions. This is why we regularly need to have refills of food since the food that we take in is constantly being used up by our bodies; whether we are actively doing some physical exercises or we are simply relaxing or even sleeping!

The food we eat contains different nutrients which serve our bodies in different ways. Apart from providing energy that we use to do things, food also contains nutrients that help in other bodily functions such as

  • Building of the body – especially during growth or when the body is replacing some worn out parts of the body
  • Providing agents to fight against pathogens – Pathogens are disease causing organisms such as bacteria, fungi, viruses, and other germs. Food contains vitamins which help overcome and destroy these pathogens.
  • Provide minerals and vitamins that are necessary to facilitate chemical reactions in the body vital in helping to ensure a stable state of the body.

It is therefore important that when we eat our food we ensure that the food we are eating contains all these elements which are crucial to support a healthy body. When one or two of these elements constantly misses from the diet we take, the body is likely to develop some abnormalities which could cause sicknesses and other negative health conditions.

There are some foods that are known to be rich in nutrition and these include natural foods such as fruits, nuts, cereals, and some animal products. These are especially highly nutritious if they are organically and naturally grown.

In modern times people are feeding on some unhealthy foods which are mostly produced from processed raw materials. These foods are commonly known as processed foods which usually contain excessive sugars, processed flours, and are packed with unhealthy fats and other additives.

To maintain our bodies in good health we should avoid these junk foods and instead concentrate more on natural foods such as hummus which are very rich in nutrition and are better at preserving our bodies in a condition that is safe from attack from pathogens that will cause disease.

My big sis hates the fact that I often eat out instead of cooking my own food

My big sister always complains about my kitchen whenever she comes visiting. Like many big sisters, she cannot seem to let go of feeling responsible for me especially when it comes to sanitary stuff. Growing up my sister was always up-in-my-case due to one thing or another about my personal hygiene, my manners, cleanliness around the house, and even my dressing.

healthy-eatingAs an adult my sister has not changed much. Whenever she gets a chance she will get at me for one thing or another despite me being an independent full grown 26 year old man. She is married and has a kid. We still meet often since we live close to each other in the same city.

My sister often drops by when she is in my side of town and I happen to be at home. I dread this visits because she rarely misses something to reprimand me about. Many times the issues revolve around my dirty laundry, my messy kitchen, or my empty fridge.

Like many bachelor men, I am not at home often and the few times I am in the house I use it to relax, listen to music, watch my favorite TV shows or movies, or sleep. I do not eat much in the house unless I am eating some snacks or drinking some beverage as I watch the TV. Many times I eat out at either of the numerous diners that are scattered around the neighborhood.

I actually moved into the neighborhood where I live in due to the numerous eateries around with many of them serving different kinds of meals. There are fast food cafes, there are eateries for proper regular meals, and there are eateries serving special cuisines such as Chinese, Thai and Indian food. These are the places where I have most of my meals at. The only meal I have at home is probably breakfast which most of the time is just a mug of coffee.

My kitchen has very few utensils and appliances and the few that are there are rarely used. One of the kitchen appliances that I use often is the immersion blender which I use to make milk shakes and smoothies.

My eating habits infuriate my big sis who claims that I have the unhealthiest lifestyle. She cannot accept that many healthy people comfortably live similar lives. I try to tell her that I ensure that I do not have too much junk food and I try to always order proper foods from the diners.

She cannot accept that eating out can be healthy. She has all kinds of funny ideas about food made away from home – a thing she picked from our mother.

Last year during my birthday my big sis bought me a rice cooker as a birthday gift. She hoped that this would encourage me to cook my own food since the rice cooker makes cooking very easy, fast, and convenient.

I used the rice cooker a few times then slowly drifted back to eating out.

Is Mr. Coffee Mr. Right?


Everybody loves a good cup of coffee every now and then but if you are a coffee fanatic, you know just how important it is to have an espresso maker in your kitchen that truly makes a difference in your mornings. Finding the right coffee makers can be challenging if you are not sure where to start and how to determine which is best. Keep reading to learn about the Krups Espresso Machine and the Mr. Coffee Espresso Maker.

Krups Espresso Machine

Gaggia by KRUPS is one of the best espresso machines. It is giving tough competition to various leading brands of the market. The machine is capable of delivering seven different coffee drinks with high degree of ease and customization in very short time. It is durable equipment having following useful features.

This product incorporates burr grinder made from ceramic which is capable of producing eight coffee grounds from coarse to fine for various brewing techniques in addition to espresso. Ceramic is considered to be the best material for coffee grinder because of the fact that it is durable and doesn’t compromise on aroma and the efficiency of grind. The size of the hopper is 12.3 ounces and it employs a seal to keep the coffee fresh for longer time period.

Several users emphasize a lot on customization in their espresso machine reviews. This machine incorporates enhanced customization by enabling you to specify strength, volume, pre-infusion time, milk frothing and quantity of coffee. The equipment comes with the default setting of “Medium” for all the options but you can set any or all as per your requirement from minimum to maximum very easily by touching few buttons.

Mr. Coffee Espresso Maker

If you are looking for a low cost option when purchasing an espresso machine the Mr. Coffee has made the right product for you. The Mr. Coffee Steam Espresso Machine only costs $34.00 and is made of stainless steel. Steam heat forces hot stem through the filter for a rich and dark espresso brew. It comes with easy pour glass carafe which serves four shots of espresso which only takes minutes to make. You can remove the drip catcher and it is easy to wash by hand and in the dishwasher.

If this is your first time ever purchasing an espresso machine, then you should try and purchase one that fits within your budget before you invest in an expensive machine. It is important to read reviews of these products which you can find on Amazon and other online retail websites. Mr. Coffee and KRUPS both make other espresso machines that may be more in your price range. They are both amazing espresso machines.

Exploring the Coffee Cult

Espresso Maker

If you are a fan of coffee, you know how important it is to have a great coffeemaker to help you make that perfect cup. No matter what your current budget is, you are sure to find one that is easy to use and not tough on your wallet. Espresso machines are becoming increasingly popular as of late so if you are an espresso-lover, then you may be interested in one of the coffeemakers listed below. You will find a Krups Espresseria Review as well as a review for the Cuisinart-EM-100 Espresso Maker.

Krups Espresseria

This KRUPS espresso machine has one of the best that you can buy. It comes equipped with a patented revolutionary compact thermo-block system that ensures you will have a hot coffee from the first cup to the last cup. It has a large 60-ounce removable water tank so you can make multiple drinks in a row. You can easily clean this machine with a removable drip try and a cake container. It has a LCD display for easy recipe selection and easy to use nozzle for steam so it can create delicious lattes over and over again.

It comes with 1450 watts of power and a 2-year warranty. You can purchase this espresso machine for about $767.00.

Cuisinart EM-100 Espresso Maker

The Cuisinart EM 100 Espresso Maker is one of the best espresso makers on the market today. Cuisinart lets you prepare gourmet quality espresso at home! With a system that allows you to pre-select serving size, 15 bars of pressure for maximum flavor and the option of using ground espresso or pods, you’re in control. A separate steam function and stainless steel nozzle make it easy to froth milk for cappuccinos and smooth lattes. With a removable drip tray and cover, and a filter holder with a locking mechanism clean up is quick and easy.

When brewing espresso, make sure the water flows through the filter at the correct pace. The water flow can be adjusted by varying the pressure with which the coffee is taped in the filter or by altering the grind of coffee. If the speed of the water is slow the coffee will be over extracted and will be very dark and bitter, with a spotted and uneven crème (froth) on the top. If the speed of the water flow is too fast, the coffee will be under-extracted and the supreme flavor will not develop. The coffee will be diluted and there will be an inadequate amount of crème on the top.

While the bulk of the liquid is water, all of the flavor should be from the coffee. To achieve the same great quality of coffee you receive at a cafe, you need to use the same quality beans.

The Gaggia Guide

If you love coffee, then you are going to want to keep reading! Espresso machines are all the rage these days and there are so many of them to choose from. Having the convenience of being able to make your own creamy latte from home is truly something you can’t put a price tag on, especially when it saves you loads of money in the long run. Keep reading to learn more about the different espresso machines available and how you can get your hands on one.



Espresso Machines Galore

The Breville BES870XL Barista Express Espresso Machine is definitely one of the best machines you can buy. It comes with a 15 bar Italian pump and 1600W thermo coil heating system which allows the temperature of the water to adjust to create the best possible espresso extraction temperature. It is made with stainless steel conical burr grinder and a sealed bean hopper. It comes equipped with a removable water tank with a handle. This is one of the more expensive models so if you have the money to invest then this would be a wise choice. It is well over $500.

The Gaggia Espresso Machine is another wise choice for individuals looking for a high quality machine. It is constructed with stainless steel and has a removable water reservoir. It comes with brass porta-filters and a group head for temperature stability. This machine also has a frothing wand as well as a single and double shot filter basket and a measuring scoop. This one is around the $350 range but is definitely worth the investment.

This KRUPS coffee machine is a great option when it comes to espresso makers. You can without much of a stretch clean this machine with a removable dribble attempt and a cake compartment. It has a LCD show for simple formula determination and simple to utilize spout for steam so it can make tasty lattes again and again. It comes furnished with a licensed progressive minimal thermo-block framework that guarantees you will have a hot espresso from the first container to the last glass. It has a huge 60-ounce removable water tank so you can make numerous beverages in succession. It has a total of 1450 watts of power and a 2-year guarantee. You can buy this coffee machine for less than $800.


All of these options for espresso machines are all high in quality. Most of it will just depend on how much you have to spend on a new machine. If you do not want to invest this much in a machine the Mr. Coffee espresso machine can be purchased for less than $50. Regardless, you will always get a good deal.