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Time To Switch Drinks

Time To Switch Drinks

Alcoholism is a deadly disease that impacts millions of people. Not just the people who suffer from the disease but also their family and friends. It can be very difficult when someone you love is suffering, especially if they do not want to seek help. Your loved one may not see the light at the end of the tunnel but there are many benefits to quitting alcohol for good. Helping them to understand these benefits and what it could do for them in the long-term could be the key to saving their lives.

One of the biggest perks to taking alcohol out of your life is what it does for your body and your mind. Your mind will begin to clear and your body will begin to heal itself from the damage that has been done. It as little as two months your liver will start to heal itself and you will begin to notice a difference in your skin’s appearance and your overall health. You will now be free of disease which can be a really amazing feeling in itself.

While there are many health benefits to quitting alcohol, there are also financial benefits. In the long run you will be saving hundreds if not thousands of dollars by not spending that money on alcohol. Your friends and family will start to see you as a real person again and have a new found respect for you and your decision to stop drinking alcohol. You will no longer have to worry about missing work due to a hangover or a binge, and you will start to feel better about yourself. You will also notice a big difference in your sex life, your ability to perform sexually, and you and your partner’s overall satisfaction.

If you have made the decision to quit alcohol you have made the right one. But how long does it take to detox from alcohol? It depends on the type of alcohol you are giving up and how long you have been an addict. It could be as little as a few days to a few weeks, depending on the severity of the problem. You will definitely notice some physical symptoms of detox as well as some emotional ones such as irritability and sleeplessness. If you were just a casual drinker these symptoms may not be as strong or you may not notice them at all.

Alcoholism is a very serious disease and is nothing to take lightly. Making the decision to quit has the ability to change your life for the better for many years to come. You will be amazed at how much different you feel and how your life has significantly improved.

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5 Tips For Running With Your Dog

Staying motivated to exercise can be hard on some days, but having a four legged buddy to run with helps tremendously. A dog is ready to go at any time and you don’t even have to wait for them to get into the proper gear. There are some things to keep in mind while running with your furry friend to keep you both safe and make you run even more enjoyable.

running with dogs

Photo by Mike Baird / CC BY

  1. Take into consideration the health of your dog. Is it a puppy, or an older dog? Puppies are not ideal running companions for a few reasons. They are usually just beginning to learn how to walk on a leash and basic commands, which mean you won’t be able to keep them under complete control if the situation demands it. Also, a puppy is still growing so you wouldn’t want to risk a bone fracture or break. On the other hand, if your dog is on the older side they may not be able to keep up with you even though they will try, which could cause harm to the dog. It’s best to check with your veterinarian before setting off.
  2. Take a look at the gear you have for your dog. One thing you do not want while running is an extendable leash, which is just a fall waiting to happen. The best leash for running is one that is on the shorter side, but not so short as to interfere with your dogs’ gait. The size of the dog (small, medium, large) is going to be the determining factor here. If you run in the ice and snow often you will need to buy Fido some doggy shoes to protect their paws from corrosive salt. There are also small packs that a larger dog can carry on their back for food and water. Obviously a backpack for a smaller dog would need to be tested for weight.
  3. Be aware of comfort zones, both for people and other pets. There are some people out there who don’t like, or are allergic to dogs. There are also dogs out there who do not like other dogs. Play it safe and give others plenty of room.
  4. Keep America clean. Bring plenty of doggy disposal bags so you can pick up after your canine friend if they happen to make a mess. There are some neighborhoods around the United States that have canine DNA on file, so if a dog leaves a mess the owner will be found and fined!
  5. Ensure that your dog has been vaccinated. Being bitten is bad enough, but then having to worry about getting rabies? Not only is that unacceptable, but a pet owner who does not vaccinate their pet against rabies can be sued if someone is bitten and infected.

With just a few precautions you can hit the sidewalk or trail with your favorite buddy.  Dogs love to be outdoors and seeing their joy while running is the best motivation a person could ask for.

How To Ensure A Balanced Diet Despite A Hectic Schedule

balanced dietWith all of the fast food choices available today even those without a crazy schedule have a hard time making healthy choices. Throw in the added complication of a busy schedule and the choices seem to be twice as hard.

Fortunately consumers are recognizing that even though they may be pressed for time, there are still ways to incorporate healthy eating into our daily lives. Because of the push from consumers, fast food restaurants are adding more healthy choices to their menus such as salads, juices and milk, and fresh fruits. Adding fresh fruits and vegetables to a diet can be one of the easiest things a person can do because most fruits and vegetables do not need to be cooked and are in fact more healthy when eaten raw. Chop up some carrots and celery which can be thrown in a bag for a snack on the run, or grab an apple or a banana for a quick bite on the go.

Many grocery stores are now offering pre-cooked meats such as rotisserie chicken which can be shredded and thrown on top of a salad, eaten as a lettuce wrap or added to frozen vegetables with a little sauce for a quick stir-fry. The same can be done with canned tuna, or you can add a can of kidney beans or chickpeas for protein and as a substitute for the meat.

Nuts are also a great choice for a snack on the go. Sunflower seeds are full of antioxidants, as are walnuts, pecans, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, flax seeds, pomegranate seeds, the list goes on and on. Seeds are also a good source of vitamins and fiber, which is sorely lacking in today’s diet. Some nuts contain high levels of melatonin, which has been shown to lower stress levels and help us to sleep at night.

Another area where we tend to overindulge is with the caffeinated beverages we drink. The average office worker will consume anywhere from one to 10 cups of coffee every day. Or they may start with the coffee in the morning and switch to soda in the afternoon. Either way it is too much caffeine and in the case of soda, way too much sugar to be consuming on a daily basis. One way to help make a change for the better is to substitute the coffee for tea. Some types of tea will still give the caffeine boost you crave and tea is full of antioxidants as well.  Teas come in several different flavors and strengths and some are known to help digestion as well as helping to calm us down when stressed.

The bottom line is that it is much easier today to incorporate a healthy diet into our daily lives, no matter how hectic our schedules are. Once you make the change and start eating a healthy, balanced diet you will notice that your stress levels will decrease and you will feel healthier in general, ready to take on whatever the day may bring.

Can Walking Be As Good Of A Workout As Jogging?

walking as good as joggingAs many studies have shown, both walking and running have their benefits. Whether you walk or run, your health will be better because both are shown to lower blood pressure, help to maintain weight, cause the cardiovascular system work better, control diabetes, the list of benefits goes on and on. But is one better than the other?

Walking is usually easier than running due to several factors. Walking is something most of us do every day. Walking doesn’t require special shoes or outfits or gym memberships, just a sidewalk or even an empty field. It can be a challenge to gauge how far you have walked without a pedometer, because determining how many steps are in a mile depends entirely on the person doing the walking. Walking can be done at a leisurely pace or you may prefer a “fast walk”. Weights can be added to the wrists and ankles to make the walk more of a workout. The use of weights while walking increases the amount of calories you burn.

Jogging on the other hand will usually require a special type of footwear to avoid injury. For women it also means a special type of sports bra for extra support. Jogging will cause a person to burn more calories than walking, but the chance of injury is higher as well. Shin splints, runner’s knee, problems with the Achilles tendon, or a plain old ankle sprain are some of the more common injuries a runner can face. An individual will receive more of a workout than they otherwise might get with walking, but being unable to walk or run due to injury is something to be considered.

If you would like to get more of a workout from your walk you can add some weights to the equation. Walking with ankle weights can be as beneficial a workout as jogging can, although you again run the risk of injury because of the weights. The best thing to do is to alternate walking and walking fast or short periods of jogging. Alternating between a regular walk and a fast walk or jog will cause your metabolism to speed up; thereby increasing the amount of calories you can burn. The main thing to remember is to get up and do it! Our bodies are meant to be in motion, not sitting still for long periods of time. Go jogging, walk the dog, take a stroll to the corner store, anything to get up and moving.