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How to Stay Fit Even if You Work with an Equipment or the PC For Hours

How to Stay Fit How to Stay Fit

Can you stay fit and healthy even if your job requires you to sit in front of a machine or a computer for the rest of your working shift? This is often a question that’s thrown regularly to office employees who spend the working hours seated in front of the computer, the disc jockey who is also seated all day while playing the songs, and the machine operator who needs to attend to the safety and operations of an industrial equipment. The question is legitimate- is it really possible to keep and maintain a healthy lifestyle with this kind of work arrangement? While the work assignment will not give you enough time to exercise and to eat healthy dishes at a restaurant, keep in mind that with proper scheduling and the right approaches, you can actually stay fit and fab. Here are some recommendations from experts on how to stay fit even if you work in front of the personal computer for hours.

Use your computer monitor the right way

There’s a proper and healthy way of positioning the screen, and it should be placed in such a way that it’s level with your eyesight. If the screen of the PC is positioned too low, then this will make you bow your head often, and this may cause back aches and neck pains. If you are also faced with a high display, then this can cause dry eye syndrome. So make sure you have a talk with your HR so that the computer is properly positioned, and you are given with an ergonomically-designed table and comfortable chair.

Stand up and take some rest

It doesn’t mean that you need to spend your working hours sitting down, while completing your work. If your job description requires you to complete all reports, you should also find time to rest your body, and this can be done if you can stand from time to time. Find opportunities to stand and walk around in the office. If there are some tasks that can be done standing, then complete the work using this approach. Speaking of comfort during working hours, confirm with the HR about their dress policy. There are days wherein you will be allowed to wear comfortable clothes like leggings. Comfortable clothes will allow you to work faster, with less stress on the body.

Eat healthy when working

Some busy professionals tend to forget about healthy eating when they are busy with work. For these professionals, what matters are the meetings, deadlines and how they package themselves. They tend to pay attention more to they way they dress, the way they look and their battles against acne using apple cider vinegar. even if you are busy and occupied with deadlines and meetings, pay attention to the quality of food that you eat. You can bring sandwiches, peanut butter and apple and fresh fruits to the table. This way, you can prevent yourself from buying food from the vending machine.

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