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Know Your Nursing

nursingLearning about all the different areas of nursing will help you to decide which one you would like to work in. Once you become a registered nurse you will need to make a decision on which area of nursing best suits you. The best way to go about choosing is to work really hard in nursing school and discover where your strengths are. Here is some information on two different areas of nursing that you may want to consider.

Surgical Nurse

Surgical nurses are also responsible for educating patients on procedures prior to surgery, adjusting treatment plans, and teaching them about post-operative self-care. Here are some of their other responsibilities:

  • A surgical nurse typically handles preoperative and post-operative care, including starting IVs, assisting patients with bathing and dressing, and providing bedside care during recovery.
  • In the operating room, registered nurses (RNs) or advanced practice nurses assist the surgical team and coordinate all room activities

The opportunities for a career in surgical nursing are diverse and rewarding. Surgical nurses specialize in any or all aspects of surgery, and many work in sub-specialties such as cardiac surgery, intensive care, or pediatric surgery. Doctors rely on these dedicated professionals who touch countless lives and bring about positive improvements in the health and welfare of patients and their families.

Becoming a surgical nurse requires completion of a twelve-month diploma or certificate program, available at some community colleges, vocational high schools, and health career academies. The surgical nurse curriculum includes essential topics such as anatomy and physiology, as well as skills practice and training in real-world clinical settings under an instructor’s supervision

Labor & Delivery Nurse

Becoming a labor and delivery nurse is not as difficult as it sounds. A labor and delivery nurse is a registered nurse who provides care to women and their newborn babies during multiple stages of childbirth and pregnancy. They work closely with the families of the patient and other special healthcare workers. Labor and delivery nurses and spend hours on their feet and they be responsible for lifting and moving the patient.

If you wish to become a labor and delivery nurse you must first obtain a nursing training such as an associate’s degree or a bachelor’s degree in nursing from an accredited school or hospital. You can complete your bachelor’s degree program in about 4 years but an associate’s degree program will only take you about 2 years. Program include forces such as psychology, chemistry, nutrition, anatomy, and microbiology. This is in addition to various classroom instruction and clinical training.

Regardless of which field you choose you will be doing the right thing by choosing nursing. It is extremely rewarding and always in high demand.

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