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My big sis hates the fact that I often eat out instead of cooking my own food

My big sister always complains about my kitchen whenever she comes visiting. Like many big sisters, she cannot seem to let go of feeling responsible for me especially when it comes to sanitary stuff. Growing up my sister was always up-in-my-case due to one thing or another about my personal hygiene, my manners, cleanliness around the house, and even my dressing.

healthy-eatingAs an adult my sister has not changed much. Whenever she gets a chance she will get at me for one thing or another despite me being an independent full grown 26 year old man. She is married and has a kid. We still meet often since we live close to each other in the same city.

My sister often drops by when she is in my side of town and I happen to be at home. I dread this visits because she rarely misses something to reprimand me about. Many times the issues revolve around my dirty laundry, my messy kitchen, or my empty fridge.

Like many bachelor men, I am not at home often and the few times I am in the house I use it to relax, listen to music, watch my favorite TV shows or movies, or sleep. I do not eat much in the house unless I am eating some snacks or drinking some beverage as I watch the TV. Many times I eat out at either of the numerous diners that are scattered around the neighborhood.

I actually moved into the neighborhood where I live in due to the numerous eateries around with many of them serving different kinds of meals. There are fast food cafes, there are eateries for proper regular meals, and there are eateries serving special cuisines such as Chinese, Thai and Indian food. These are the places where I have most of my meals at. The only meal I have at home is probably breakfast which most of the time is just a mug of coffee.

My kitchen has very few utensils and appliances and the few that are there are rarely used. One of the kitchen appliances that I use often is the immersion blender which I use to make milk shakes and smoothies.

My eating habits infuriate my big sis who claims that I have the unhealthiest lifestyle. She cannot accept that many healthy people comfortably live similar lives. I try to tell her that I ensure that I do not have too much junk food and I try to always order proper foods from the diners.

She cannot accept that eating out can be healthy. She has all kinds of funny ideas about food made away from home – a thing she picked from our mother.

Last year during my birthday my big sis bought me a rice cooker as a birthday gift. She hoped that this would encourage me to cook my own food since the rice cooker makes cooking very easy, fast, and convenient.

I used the rice cooker a few times then slowly drifted back to eating out.

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