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Can Walking Be As Good Of A Workout As Jogging?

walking as good as joggingAs many studies have shown, both walking and running have their benefits. Whether you walk or run, your health will be better because both are shown to lower blood pressure, help to maintain weight, cause the cardiovascular system work better, control diabetes, the list of benefits goes on and on. But is one better than the other?

Walking is usually easier than running due to several factors. Walking is something most of us do every day. Walking doesn’t require special shoes or outfits or gym memberships, just a sidewalk or even an empty field. It can be a challenge to gauge how far you have walked without a pedometer, because determining how many steps are in a mile depends entirely on the person doing the walking. Walking can be done at a leisurely pace or you may prefer a “fast walk”. Weights can be added to the wrists and ankles to make the walk more of a workout. The use of weights while walking increases the amount of calories you burn.

Jogging on the other hand will usually require a special type of footwear to avoid injury. For women it also means a special type of sports bra for extra support. Jogging will cause a person to burn more calories than walking, but the chance of injury is higher as well. Shin splints, runner’s knee, problems with the Achilles tendon, or a plain old ankle sprain are some of the more common injuries a runner can face. An individual will receive more of a workout than they otherwise might get with walking, but being unable to walk or run due to injury is something to be considered.

If you would like to get more of a workout from your walk you can add some weights to the equation. Walking with ankle weights can be as beneficial a workout as jogging can, although you again run the risk of injury because of the weights. The best thing to do is to alternate walking and walking fast or short periods of jogging. Alternating between a regular walk and a fast walk or jog will cause your metabolism to speed up; thereby increasing the amount of calories you can burn. The main thing to remember is to get up and do it! Our bodies are meant to be in motion, not sitting still for long periods of time. Go jogging, walk the dog, take a stroll to the corner store, anything to get up and moving.

Becoming A Physiotherapist: Is It The Right Path For You?

becoming a PhysiotherapistIf you like to work with and help people then becoming a Physiotherapist may be the right career path for you.

A Physiotherapist or Physical Therapist is someone who, through diagnosis and treatment helps to rehabilitate those who are in physical pain through manual manipulation, massage, hydrotherapy and exercise. Patients may come to a physical therapist due to disease, an injury on the job, an auto accident, or to rehabilitate from surgery.

A physical therapist will make a diagnosis based on an initial examination and initiate a plan of treatment to help the patient regain their mobility. The job of a physical therapist is one of the fastest growing professions in the United States.

A Physical Therapist has many career options available to them, from working full-time with a sports team diagnosing and treating sports related injuries to working part-time at a doctor’s office or hospital. Physical Therapists are also used in nursing homes, gyms, and extended care and pediatric centers. As their career progresses a physical therapist may choose to become an expert in a particular field of study such as working with Geriatric or older adults, women’s health, or Pediatric care or care of children. It is a great career choice if you want to become self-employed as many physical therapists work on their own or in collaboration with other physical therapists.

 The education requirements for this type of work largely depend on how far you want your career to go. For an entry level position which is called a physical therapy technician the requirement is usually a certificate of completion from a technical college. Some physical therapists have started out as massage technicians (which only require a 100 hour education commitment), which is a good way to start if you are not sure that being a physical therapist is a good fit for you. To take your career to the next level you may wish to consider a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree or even a Master of Physical Therapy degree. Most states in the U.S. require licensing and certification so it is best to do a little research before you commit yourself to a particular program. A physical therapist must be aware of the ethics of their profession and learn the skills to perform diagnosis and treatment of a patient. They will also need to learn how to communicate with a patient as well as fellow professionals and possibly family members of the patient.

A Physiotherapist also has the ability to make a very nice income. Most physical therapists that have been in the job for a few years are making incomes in the six figure range.  Even the salaries in the lower range are still at approximately $50,000 annually, which is not bad for an entry level type job. Obtaining the higher levels of education in regards to physical therapy will help to increase the salary range (as with any profession), so the limits of income are really up to the individual and how hard they wish to work.