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The Baiting Game

If you are interested in tandem kayaks, then it is best to know as much as you can about them. It may take some time to learn but it will be worth it when you make the purchase.

Best Tandem Kayaks

The Lifetime Ten foot Sport Fisher Tandem Kayak is a great choice. Here is why:

  • Designed for single or tandem use; 10-foot fishing kayak
  • (2) 2-piece sport paddles included
  • Fits up to 3 riders
  • Dry storage compartment
  • Ditty trays and shock cord for storing loose items

The Sport Fisher sit-on-top kayak from Lifetime Products is the ultimate fishing kayak! Up to 3 people can ride high and dry in balanced seating. Tunnel hull design provides ultimate stability making it possible to stand up and fish or sit side-saddle without tipping over. Durable, lightweight polyethylene plastic construction makes it easy to transport, easy to use, and easy to store.  The sit-on-top Sport Fisher kayak from Lifetime Products is designed for ultimate stability and convenient functionality. The tunnel hull design makes it possible to fish standing up or sitting side-saddle. Lots of awesome built-in features enhance your fishing experience; such as paddle clips and cradles to secure paddle when not in use, three fishing pole holders, a cup holder, and multiple foot wells for leverage when you’re reeling in that giant catfish.

The Best Bait for Bass

Lucky Craft Blade Cross – Combining the profile of a twitch bait with the flash of an underslung spinnerbait arm and blade, the 33⁄5-inch Blade Cross is supposed to elicit bites when burned over grass beds or slow rolled and deflected off hard cover.

Almost all the guides said they were impressed with the design before removing the lure from its package. After they got it wet, the Blade Cross became a clear panel favorite. “This lure looked a little odd at first, but an hour and several nice bass later, I was like, who cares?” said Keith. The Blade Cross tracks straight with a steady retrieve, and the willow leaf blade produces a thump as smooth and consistent as your favorite spinnerbait. Pause the lure and the blade spirals nicely as it falls. Rip and pause and you’ve got a unique action I predict will be deadly on pressured lakes.

Jackal Boil Trigger – The 4-inch Boil Trigger puts a popper mouth on a slender pencil popper body, with a joint that makes it flop and change direction when walked like a Spook. Its erratic zigzagging action on the surface is designed to imitate a dying baitfish.

If you love to kayak and fish, then these products will definitely help you along the way. Take your time and read all about them before you make your purchase.

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