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What is food? Why is it important? and healthy vs unhealthy foods

healthy vs unhealthy foodsFood is a basic necessity for man and any other living thing. Food is what gives our bodies the energy to power our systems such as the respiratory system, the circulatory system, the nervous system, and the digestive system. Our bodies also need energy to move our limbs, to turn or nod our head, to bat our eyes, to talk, chew, to walk and do everything else that includes some movement.

Apart from the basic energy needs of the body including locomotion, we also need energy to work. Work could be in terms of mental work where we have to use our brains which in turn use energy; or where we have to use our limbs and body to work, e.g. in manual work. We also need energy to travel from one place to another and even work that involves talking.

Without food therefore, we cannot be able to get the energy we need to perform all these functions. This is why we regularly need to have refills of food since the food that we take in is constantly being used up by our bodies; whether we are actively doing some physical exercises or we are simply relaxing or even sleeping!

The food we eat contains different nutrients which serve our bodies in different ways. Apart from providing energy that we use to do things, food also contains nutrients that help in other bodily functions such as

  • Building of the body – especially during growth or when the body is replacing some worn out parts of the body
  • Providing agents to fight against pathogens – Pathogens are disease causing organisms such as bacteria, fungi, viruses, and other germs. Food contains vitamins which help overcome and destroy these pathogens.
  • Provide minerals and vitamins that are necessary to facilitate chemical reactions in the body vital in helping to ensure a stable state of the body.

It is therefore important that when we eat our food we ensure that the food we are eating contains all these elements which are crucial to support a healthy body. When one or two of these elements constantly misses from the diet we take, the body is likely to develop some abnormalities which could cause sicknesses and other negative health conditions.

There are some foods that are known to be rich in nutrition and these include natural foods such as fruits, nuts, cereals, and some animal products. These are especially highly nutritious if they are organically and naturally grown.

In modern times people are feeding on some unhealthy foods which are mostly produced from processed raw materials. These foods are commonly known as processed foods which usually contain excessive sugars, processed flours, and are packed with unhealthy fats and other additives.

To maintain our bodies in good health we should avoid these junk foods and instead concentrate more on natural foods such as hummus which are very rich in nutrition and are better at preserving our bodies in a condition that is safe from attack from pathogens that will cause disease.

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